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Replacement Derailleur Hangers

How do I figure out which hanger is the correct one?

  • Each frame manufacturer (e.g. Trek, Specialized, Giant) produces frames that have their own shape derailleur hanger to fit their frame and those manufacturers may have multiple types of derailleur hangers for different styles of frames. 
                    1.) Find out the manufacturer (e.g. Trek) 
                    2.) Select the manufacturer on the left side scroll bar
                    3.) Locate and match the image of the hanger to the hanger on your bicycle

                    1.) Use the search bar in the upper right to search the specific model hanger you are looking for (e.g. Trek 7200) and all of the Trek 7200 specific derailleur hangers will be located.

    Why should I replace my derailleur hanger?

    • Derailleur Hangers are specifically designed to bend and break when enough force is applied. This prevents your frame and/or derailleur from becoming damaged.